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German Literature Collections

German Literature Collections is a single place from which researchers can access individual Chadwyck Healey German databases. This service offers the German literature products Goethe, Schiller, Kafka, Brecht, and Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universalbibliothek. German Literature Collection scustomers can also choose to subscribe to Digital eBibliothek Deutscher Klassiker as a standal one database available through the German Literature Collections resource. It is available to non-German Literature Collections customers for purchase only.

German Literature Collections does not include anyadditional data to the original products. Updates to German Literature Collections coincide with updates of the individual collections, mainly of Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker. With German Literature Collections, your patrons can :

• Cross-search full texts for author, keyword, title, and title keyword

• Navigate easily between individual collections

• Find and check quotations quickly

• Conduct linguistic research

• Search texts that have not been available together before

Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker

The Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker is the electronic edition of the renowned Bibliothek deutscher Klassiker. The Bibliothek deutscher Klassiker is highly regarded as the premier collection of literary and non-literary German writing. The text srange from early German writing to the works of major authors of the 19th century, and include literary,historical, political, philosophical, and theological texts.

Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassikercontains all the Deutscher Klassiker Verlag editionsexcept Schiller, Goethe, and Wieland. Published incooperation with the Deutscher Klassiker Verlag Frankfurt am Main, the database provides electronicaccess to 133 volumes of the print edition, SGML coded and manually keyed. The electronic edition willbe published in eight complete full-text releases online and on CD-ROM. All the texts have beennewly edited by leading international scholars and area companied by extensive commentaries. The database holds 31 single-author editions (Werkausgaben), including writers such as Wolframvon Eschenbach, Kleist, and Kant, and all 16 collections (Sammelwerke) of historical philosophical, theological, political, and art historytexts. Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker allowsusers to cross-search eleven centuries of German literature. Users can search full text for author,keyword, title, and title keyword.

Goethes Werke (WeimarerAusgabe)

Goethe (1749-1832) was a poet and a writer whoexercised a profound influence on the German language of today. Goethes Werke contains thecomplete text of the 143 volumes of the definitive Weimar Edition. Every word of Goethe’s literary and scientific works, his diaries, and his letters from the Weimar Edition is included, as are all illustrations, notes, variants, and indexes from the published volumes.

Also included are Goethes Gespräche ,edited by Woldemar Freiherr von Biedermann, Leipzig, 1889-96, and Goethes Werke, Nachträge zur Weimarer Ausgabe, edited by Paul Raabe, Munich,1990. The Nachträge include all Goethe’s letters discovered since the Weimar Edition was finished andmakes this the most complete collection of Goethe’s letters in existence. Detailed coding of text allow sresearchers to perform very precise searching. Userscan search for any word or phrase anywhere in thetext or title of a work. Researchers are also able tomove instantly between main texts and relevantcritical apparatus and to display both on the screen atthe same time.

Schillers Werke

Friedrich Schiller’s (1759-1805) literary works, his writings on history, and his philosophical and critical works have been extremely influential in German literature. Published under license from Verlag Hermann Böhlaus Nachfolger Weimar GmbH & Co.,Schillers Werke comprises the whole of the Nationalausgabe, the finest and most complete critical edition of Schiller’s works, letters, and conversations. Schillers Werke currently includes 46 volumes, with further volumes added to the Web edition. It includes the complete text of each volume of his poetry andplays, the translations, minor prose works, historical and philosophical writings, letters to and from Schiller, and the Conversations, as well as critical notes, variants, indexes, and illustrations.

A range ofsearch fields lets users locate individual work saccording to title, genre, or publication date. Researchers can also search for a word or phrase anywhere in Schiller’s complete works, locating wordstems, variant spellings, words in combination, orwords in close proximity.

Bertolt Brechts Werke

The first authorized electronic edition of Brecht’s(1898-1956) writings, the Chadwyck-Healey Bertolt Brechts Werke collection is based on Bertolt Brecht -Ausgewählte Werke in sechs Bänden –Jubiläumsausgabe zum 100. Geburtstag, the six volume compilation of Brecht’s works and writings with brief notes on each text. Produced with the cooperation of German publishers Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, this literary resource providess cholars with broad access to a range of Brecht’s works, from his poetry and drama to his critical writings. It enables researchers to carry out more comprehensive analyses that compare and contrast his approach to the role of drama and his philosophy from his early work during the Weimar Republic through his time in the United States to his final residence in the German Democratic Republic. Your patrons from beginners to advanced searchers will find Brechts Werke an easily navigable database. Every single work can be searched in either the textor in a heading. Users may search the entire databaseor limit searches to genre, texts, critical apparatus,date range, and other areas.

Kafkas Werke (Kritische Ausgabe)

Kafkas Werke (Kritische Ausgabe) makes 15 volumes of Kafka’s (1883-1924) novels, short stories, and diaries available electronically for the first time. Produced in cooperation with S. Fischer Verlag, Kafkas Werke includes the complete texts of  Franz Kafka, Kritische Ausgabe, Schriften und Tagebücher. New research material is added regularly to the Web edition by the editorial board, creating the most comprehensive and up-to-date version of Kafka’s works ever published. This database allows researchers to trace the development of important themes, terms, and motif’s throughout Kafka’s work,and a variety of search tools makes it easy for users to find the information they want.

Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universalbibliothek

Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universalbibliothek isan ambitious and far-reaching project that puts 600years of German poetry online. This database gatherstogether works from the 15thcentury right up to the beginning of the 20th century (1457-1929)—no other single collection contains this volume or breadth of German poetry in electronic format. Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universalbibliothek illustrates the development of German literature and language. The database allows researchers to examine the influences of  poetry, politics, literary theory, and philosophy.

Users could compare Mörike and Uhland’s view onthe nature of poetry, or Heine and Herder on their contributions to contemporary philosophical thought.It also includes the texts of a number of  anthologies that increase the scope and the range of the resourceand put lesser known authors into context. Publishedin cooperation with Phillipp Reclam jun., Stuttgart, Die Deutsche Lyrik covers all volumes of Germanpoetry published within Reclams Universalbibliothek since 1945.


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