Neng Euis Rahmawati

You are suffering

I don’t recognize you

But for reason I don’t understand

Whenever you cann’t understand,

What happening in our life,

Just close your dreams

When I see you shedding tears my heart aches for you

Don’t be upset, I don’t want you to cry

I will cry both of us

I don’t mind that you have forgotten me

My own memories are enough

Before I first saw you

I meditated for a thousand years

But those thousand years were worth less than a moment with you

You will never know how I’ve had to suffer

But even I die

But I wake up,

And open my eyes

I will have no regrets

Your hair tickles my heart

Your eyes lingers in my mind

I can bear any hardships to be with you

Our love shall remain in the drak

Year after year

Before I see you again on the new of time

But nothing can change it

Nothing at all

But, I can sleep with you at one immortal

I will be there

If you are there

If we are one soul

If I’m yours

I vow to live for you

I life for your beautiful wish

Coz I can lose anything but you

I can lose everything ever and never but your love

Love is right

If there is joy between us

Our love shall survive

Longer than anything

I vow to live for you

Still the end of time

Coz I can lose anything but you

Crystal your anything

Fall on the ground, Again.

In the last time I knew we’ve bad memories

The memories of someone had broken our heart

But, I’ll see you’re new dreams at this time, lady

Love is right

I’m being here because you, my dreams

If the tortures on me are to protect you

Our love shall survive

Longer than anytime but you,

and we will meet again in our next lives

It’s a long time I cann’t see you

I believed you knew that we are difference wolrd

I wanna time is stoped when I met you on campus


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