I was thought the essentialities of faithful had talked by Gus Dur in his Tanpo Waton. This is my reflectioning after i read the holy of interpretation of Quran so much.

Akeh Kang apal quran haditse
Seneng ngafirke marang liyane
Kafire dewe dan digatekke
Yen isih kotor ati akale
Gampang kabujuk nafsu Angkoro
Ing pepaese gebyare donyo
Mulo atine peteng lan nisto

Blaaa blaaaa blaaaa

Lamun palastro ing pungkasane
Ora kesasar roh lansukmane
Den gadang alloh swargo manggone
Utuh mayite ugo ulese.

The people are living in the world cant explanate all by rasionality. The example of thats no body must asked about where did we came from? Where did we end? What are we doing here? Where is begin? The simple of questions is ibadah. What do we ibadah Only? The religionist answered simple for the begining. More philosopher, scientist, and religionist are contesting to find the meaning in proper proper place for be alive beautifull people in world and the next our life.

Millions after millions we had tired by space and time. We just earned animosities of them before. Our activities was busied by knowledge, hoping, dreaming etc. The simple of metaphor of questions of all is we just create nice stories in our life and found out The book of God about our did in The world. We will find happiness in The next meet.

Neutron is thinking about god.
I’m not believing in God of thought, but believing in irrasionalities, absurdities, not Logic about God.


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